Five Books That Will Change the Way You Pray in 2018

One month in, this is the point in the new year where we begin to realize how committed we actually are to our resolutions. How many of us told ourselves on January 1st that this is the year we will be dedicated to meaningful and frequent prayer? If you feel like you need help reshaping your prayer practices, we have five resources that can make a difference.

Pray Like Jesus: Rediscovering the Lord’s Prayer

You already know The Lord’s Prayer by heart and can easily recite it…and that may be the problem. We know those 70 words so well most of us rattle them off never thinking about their meaning. In Pray Like Jesus, pastor and author Don Underwood reexamines the content of the Lord’s Prayer, helping you to discover insightful spiritual guidance for developing a rich devotional life. Plus, at the end of each chapter, you’ll find ideas for making the prayer a part of your daily spiritual discipline.

26 Ways to Pray the Alphabet

In the book Mercy & Melons, each letter of the alphabet calls forth two words: a word that celebrates an ordinary thing, and another word that names a holy quality about God. Those pairings speak to each other. For those who pay attention to those pairings, they discover something about prayer and about God. 26 Ways to Pray the Alphabet, a companion guide to Mercy & Melons, offers a practical guide to living and exploring and praying those pairings in our daily life–as we look for beauty and hope in the “ordinary” things around us. Use this companion along with Mercy & Melons or as its own guide to prayer, for a retreat, for Lent, or anytime you want to explore praying in new ways.

The Book of Not So Common Prayer

The Book of Not-So Common Prayer is a handbook that combines spiritual insight with practical action steps you can take to change your prayer habits—and change your life. In describing her own transformation from a person who prayed on the run to a person who prays four times a day, Linda McCullough Moore builds a compelling case for a life founded on prayer. Drawing inspiration from the ancient practice of meditation, Moore shows how any time spent in prayer will transform the time you spend with your family, at work, or in play. She then delivers a well-supported methodical process you can follow to experience more depth, meaning, and joy in your prayers.

Ultimate Reliance: Breakthrough Prayer Practices for Leaders

Adding a Breakthrough Prayer Initiative to the teamwork of your church or ministry’s leadership will change everything—and transform what may have become routine administrative work, into riding the exciting rapids of a God-led spiritual adventure together! Each chapter includes discussion questions, application ideas, a breakthrough prayer practice for the week or month. Ideal for use with your church council, board, leadership team, class, small group or entire congregation—whoever longs to build prayer practices for breakthroughs and new God possibilities as the ultimate foundation for everything else.

Prayers For People Who Say They Can’t Pray

Did you know that honest prayer doesn’t require belief or trust? Nor does it need constant satisfaction. You think you don’t know how to pray, but maybe you’ve been praying without knowing it. This book introduces new ways to think about what prayer really is and includes heartfelt, genuine prayers that don’t sugar-coat faith or dismiss disbelief, but invite you to pray as you can—or even as you can’t. Whether you are someone who believes, hopes to believe, almost believes, or simply trusts that offering a prayer means something, this book is for you.