Worship Is a Verb

Do you preach from the lectionary and are struggling with your message during these uncertain times? The Abingdon Theological Companion to the Lectionary can help. Here’s an excerpt from this week’s entry by Luke A. Powery and Willie Jennings. 

God did not say that people have to be Christian in order to be helped. God did not say that they have to have the same skin color as you to be helped. God did not say that they have to believe the same thing you believe or like the same things you like to be helped. Need is no respecter of persons. Instead, God said that the food for God’s liturgical fast diet is to loose the bonds of injustice, undo the yokes of the oppressed, let the imprisoned go free, give bread to the hungry, a home to the homeless, clothes to the naked, and love to somebody. God did not say give up something but give something, do something for someone in need. Worship is a verb.