The World is Our Parish

From its beginnings, the Methodist movement was a movement of the people. The rapid spread of Methodism—especially in the American colonies—was due primarily to a theology of grace that was shared with all the people and especially those on the margins.

Francis Asbury once expressed concern that when we erect church buildings we are in danger of forgetting our original passion to share the good news outside the walls of the church—a passion that made our United Methodist Church what it is today.

It is from these roots—and the foundational belief that the world is our parish—that our system of itinerancy has grown.

As clergy, we have covenanted to be sent where the people are. Itinerancy allows the church to best match the gifts and graces of our clergy with the needs of the people we are called to serve.

And even though the world has changed, and the ways we work with itinerancy have changed, our need to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the world has not.


Throughout Bishop Kiesey’s ministry, she has had the privilege of serving on a wide range of committees and boards, including the Board of Trustees for Iowa Wesleyan College, Morningside College, and Dakota Wesleyan University. After serving eight years in the Dakotas Area, she was assigned to the Michigan Area in July 2012.