Dog Days Unleashed


If you want some ideas on how to squeeze the most fun you can out of these last days of summer, check out these ideas.

Water Water Everywhere
Playing with water is easy, relatively inexpensive, and fun for all ages. Turn your church lawn into a water park, or invite a smaller group to your backyard. Put together one of more of these water activities, add some super soaker water guns, and drench yourself with end-of-summer delight.

Water blob
Think huge plastic bag filled with water. This idea is an incredibly easy and clever way to make a DIY slippery good time.

Water balloon piñatas
Hanging balloons of water. Plastic baseball bat. You get the idea.

Pool noodle sprinkler
You know those long, tube-like foamy things at swimming pools? Poke a bunch of holes in one. Block one end with a soda bottle cap and stick the hose into the other end. Let the fun begin!

PVC sprinkler
You can make one as complicated or as simple as you want, but you basically put together PVC pipe, connect it to a hose and let the water escape wherever its not blocked.

Water bombs
Cut strips of kitchen sponges, tie some strips together, and put them in a bucket of water. Same result as playing with water balloons: you get wet!

By the Light of the Moon
Late summer evenings offer opportunities for more laid-back, relaxed family entertainment. Plus, if you live in a really hot part of the country, outdoor activities are much more enjoyable once the sun sets and the temperature cools.

Outdoor movie night
Hang a white sheet. Grab your laptop and portable speakers. Hook up a laptop projector. (If you don’t have one, someone you know does. Ask around.) Pop some popcorn and handout boxes of Raisinets. You’re in show business.

Bonfire/campfire party
You can search the Internet for ideas, but you know how this works: fire pit, hot dogs, marshmallows, bug spray, maybe a guitar, and definitely “Kumbaya.”

Glow-in-the-Dark Party
Glow sticks have come a long way, baby. Now you can get glow-in-the-dark beach balls, paint, duct tape, flying disks, footprints—you name it. And the Internet is full of creative ideas on how to use them for a great after dark get together.

(Note: An Internet search of any of the suggested italicized terms above provides detailed “how-tos” on any number of sites.)

The Five Ws
If your family or group would rather go on an adventure in a nearby city, explore the great outdoors, or become tourists in your own hometown, how do you find the who, what, where, whens and whys about what’s going on? Oh, you already know—there’s an app for that! Check out these two examples of apps that’ll help you find out what’s happening almost anywhere at anytime.

Event organizers use this app to promote and sell tickets to events everywhere. Type in your location and dates, and you’ll see an amazing number of things to do in your immediate area or another area of your choosing.

Made by and for parents, Yuggler touts itself as the app that helps you “discover kid’s activities in seconds—anytime, anywhere.” Once you download the free app, you can click on “near me” to find events in your area or use the search box to specify another location.

What does your church or family have planned as a last hurrah of Summer 2015? Please share your ideas.

Judy Bumgarner is a freelance writer in Nashville, Tennessee. She also works at Brentwood United Methodist Church in the church’s Caring Ministry.