When One Suffers, All Suffer Together

This letter addressed to the people of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church of Charleston was signed on Sunday, June 21 by over 800 worshipers at First UMC in Cary, NC.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church of Charleston:

We cannot find adequate language to express our grief and heartbreak over the tragedy that you have experienced in these past few days. We know the truth of scripture that “when one suffers all suffer together” and we share your suffering as brothers and sisters in the Wesleyan tradition.

We wish you to know that…

…we believe, with you, in the power of Christ’s resurrection and that, in the end, God will triumph over every evil.

…we repent of our participation in a culture that breeds such hatred and violence and renew our commitment as the people of God to work for that day when love reigns in all human hearts.

…we will pray today with renewed fervor that God’s kingdom will come and God’s will be done “on earth as it is in heaven” and in that prayer we will be especially mindful of you.

…and we are humbled and inspired by your example of living out the Gospel’s imperatives of hospitality and forgiveness in the midst of circumstances that we cannot begin to imagine.

You will be in our prayers in the days and weeks ahead. May the God of all comfort and consolation visit you with all grace and love as you face the days ahead. May the God of all mercy have mercy on us all. May the Lord come soon with justice and peace.

Carl Frazier, Lead Pastor

William Green, Pastor of Congregational Care

Martha McLean, Pastor of Christian Formation

Colin Snider, Pastor of Outreach