How To Pray For Creation

Too often, Christians boil down the call to be godly stewards of the environment to a few short to-do’s. If we carpool, turn off the lights, buy “green” products, or conduct an energy audit on our home, we feel that we are doing our part to “save the world.” That is not to say that those actions aren’t valuable, but we should not forget that we are not the ones who can save the world; God is. The Lord is delighted when we ask him to do what we are not able to.

Here are some ideas to help structure your prayer time.

  • Acknowledge that God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things.
  • Confess that humankind (including yourself) has often failed to care for creation in a way that is honoring to him.
  • Ask God to help you see the glory of creation all around you and respond to it with praise and gratitude.
  • Thank God for all the ways that he uses creation to care for your needs and the needs of every other living thing on the planet.
  • Ask the Lord to provide ways for you to be a better steward of creation in your church, community, and family.

(Used with permission from Rev. Rusty Pritchard – Flourish Magazine